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Start a business prosecuting false arrest/imprisonment. You’ll make twice what the bought and paid for sheriff gets for selling out his/her office!

False imprisonment is a huge offense due to the high regard the law has for liberty. In Chitty’s Practice of the Law it states: The infraction of personal liberty has ever been regarded as one of the greatest injuries. The

Break through the D.O.T. scam on the People, … Lawfully!!

The federal D.O.T. “Motor Vehicle” scam being run by corporate government within the several states, is easily stopped. Serve an affidavit of your Lawful status of Living Soul/Citizen-People of the Republic state of Tennessee (where the Constitution’s first sentence is

Do you have a real Sheriff in your county Republic, or just another corporate do-boy, hired by residents?

You can tell the difference, as the corporate “do-boys” are usually wearing a military uniform, and stealing everything they can get their hands on, like that 60 dollars you had when you were falsely imprisoned, at Walker County, Georgia. 18

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