Winning the betting game of horse racing can actually be “simple”, really.

Take this race from Saratoga, Saturday, 8/14/21 – the Four Star Dave stakes, 1 1/16 on the grass course. Anyone can spot the 2 contenders for the WIN here with just a glance at the Ability-X Ratings chart. If anyone wanted a third contender to bet the Trifecta wager the 3 lowest ability ratings can be spotted just as quickly and easily.
When you understand that the Ability-X Rating Run# is an ability rating, a measurement of the horse’s ability to run this distance and class TODAY, and NOT a crude and inaccurate rating of what some call “speed” it is simple and quick to spot the contenders in all races.

For this race, they are numbers 5,6, and 4. Take a minute or two to observe their physical condition on the track, pre-race, and you can easily make a good betting decision for Win/Place/Show – EXACTA and TRIFECTA, Not all races are as straight forward as this one, so don’t expect that you will be able to “figure out” the winner more often than not.

Make winning easy on yourself with AtHomeHorsePlayer – Ability-X Ratings, the only thoroughbred rating available that shows you, “at a glance” the sort of performance you can expect TODAY. Ability-X Ratings are available yearly, monthly, daily, and the 3 – Day “weekender” (Fri., Sat., Sun.), for your convenience in winning.
Ability-X Ratings - Standard Monthly

Ability-X Ratings – Standard Monthly

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