David Rodriguez

I plead ‘no-contest’ to 3 misdemeanor charges today because I lost hope that I would receive justice in a trial at the Santa Cruz County court.

Don’t expect, or even hope for Justice from criminals masquerading as a court defrauding the People who are the Lawful authorities of the state.

For example, I asked to see the evidence that the court had jurisdiction in the matter but it was never proven, even though the Supreme Court ruled it must.

Also, nobody ever made a sworn statement under penalty of perjury saying I initiated harm against them or their property, despire being charged with vandalism.

The amount of time, energy, and money I put into my defense has surpassed a small fortune.

Sometimes we must cut our losses and move on with our lives.

After watching sworn constitutional officers violate the constitution without any shame or even a shred of sincerity, I decided that I had had enough of the Admiralty/Military Tribunal.

In addition, I was assaulted, on video, at the Lighthouse in 2021, and the assailant confessed to the assault, including his intent to harm me. Plus, there official report from the Santa Cruz Police Department said the assailant was “guilty”.

Did the District Attorney, Jeffrey Rosell, file charges against him?

No. Mr. Rosell let this dangerous man walk free without even being charged, while peaceful people, like me, are coerced, terrorized, and forced to yield to the County’s violence.

What “violence” you say?

The robbery, extortion, and threats of violence felt by every Santa Cruzian, who has a consistent moral code, are being become quite obvious.

I know many good people in Santa Cruz will soon lead the way to voluntary, consensual relationships.

Actually, it’s a good thing I didn’t go to trial because I would have red-pilled the jury about the illegitimacy of government authority and basic morality:

-coercion is wrong, even if one has a customer and shiny badge;

-you can’t delegate a right you don’t have:

-you’re not bound to contract you never signed.

Lastly, the Santa Cruz Sentinel defamed me by calling me the “anti-mask ringleader” “behind the Trader Joe’s takeover” when I never said I’m against masks (I stand for freedom of choice) and I had nothing to do with organizing “Operation Cash Drop” at Trader Joe’s in 2021.

This whole experience proved that the government is a violent gang, just as Lysander Spooner proved in 1870.

Soon, the whole world will recognize this truth.

Regardless, I’m grateful for my freedom and life, which come from God.

Thank you to my supportive family, friends, acquaintances, fans, and followers who know I’m a peaceful, moral man. I love you and I hope to give each of you a big hug soon!

There are more things to say but I’ll save it for July 7, 2023,

when I’m allowed to return to Twin Lakes Beach. Maybe we’ll call it “The Santa Voluntaryists: Part Deux”.

Until then, who knows, maybe other freedom champions will rise up and have beach bonfires past 10:00pm.

After all, free people don’t ask permission to be free, we simply exercise our freedom.

Here is a video of the original incident, edited by a shyster attorney in the hope that you won’t think: