The federal D.O.T. “Motor Vehicle” scam being run by corporate government within the several states, is easily stopped.

Serve an affidavit of your Lawful status of Living Soul/Citizen-People of the Republic state of Tennessee (where the Constitution’s first sentence is “that ALL power is inherent to the People”, and invite all of the supposed high and mighty, so-called “officials” of corporate government to determine that you are NOT such a People, and that you are an “entity in commerce” converted at birth, by those supposed high and mighty officials.

Corporate Police have NO lawful authority with regard to the People of the Republic state.

Not a one of them will do such an overt act of Treason against you, because you are the only Living Soul that holds the Lawful authority to make determinations with regard to yourself.
Flush the “driver license” con, and the “convert your private mobile property”, to a “Motor Vehicle” con straight down the dumper that it was pulled out of (in order to tax you), Today!
If you are un-willing to believe that you are being suckered for your own Lawful authority, by criminals, with intent to commit more crime against you, just read this story again, until you can see it right in front of you.

The Republic state of Tennessee was born in defiance of Conquerors, it will live as long as such defiance remains with the People, having ALL of the power already.

The state Republic citizen is immune from attack by government.

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Private Property Automobile Tag

Private Property Automobile Tag


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