Does the county of Hamilton, within the Republic of Tennessee, even have a Sheriff?

Dear Sheriff,

It has come to our attention that although you have been elected in what appear to be public elections, that is not the case. You have been elected in private corporation elections related to an incorporated “County” franchise of a federal corporation —and we have all been presumed to be shareholders voting you a proxy to act in our behalf, which is quite a different matter than a public office in our government, and which results in you serving as a private Law Enforcement Officer, contrary to our intention, which is that you serve as an elected Public Peacekeeping Official.

Our government is not bankrupt and is not set aside. Whatever private “gift” shareholder status the corporate County franchise has bestowed on us enabling us to vote in their private elections has been undisclosed and any presumptions related to it have also been undisclosed. We accept all gifts and waive all benefits and we give Notice that we are not voluntary shareholders nor voluntary participants in any of this sleight-of-hand attempting to unlawfully convert our Public Offices into Private Security Jobs.

This situation also gives rise to potential conflicts of interest. We have been unjustifiably “presumed upon” and misidentified as federal citizens when in fact we are Americans and nothing else. We are owed all the guarantees and protections afforded our States under the provisions of the Federal Constitutions and you may not presume otherwise. As an employee of a foreign corporation merely in the business of providing governmental services the objectives and profit motives of the “County” corporation may be at odds with the Public Good, the will of the people of this county, and the even the Public Law —- and this puts you in a difficult position as the employee of the private corporation acting as middleman and, ultimately, the people of this county. When push comes to shove, and the corporation tells you to violate our Constitutional rights and international law, where do you stand?

A seminal US Supreme Court case, Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. addresses this dilemma. The Court made it clear that you may serve your conscience and may enforce the Public Law including the Constitutions like any other American, but it fell short of mandating that you do so. Upholding the Public Law is therefore left in limbo so far as Law Enforcement Officers are concerned — subject to your discretion — and the actual job of upholding the Public Law is left to average Americans.

We are people of the soil and land, owed the Public Law, including The Law of the Land. From the military, we are owed The Law of Peace, AR 27 1-161-1. However, realistically, continued failure of the LEO’s and the military to uphold the Public Law and failure to protect our “persons” and respect the Constitutions, may result in unrest and even insurrection; it may also lead to what appears to you to be vigilante action, when in fact it is only Americans doing their duty to uphold the Public Law.

If things continue to devolve in this fashion, with LEO’s being told by the self-interested middleman corporations to stand down or arrest people under false presumptions, and the people in desperation are left to enforce the Public Law all by themselves, what do you intend to do?

Exercise your right to enforce the Constitutions? Or violate our rights and guarantees at the behest of the middleman corporation that signs your paycheck “for” us?

Homes in this county are being confiscated without lawful Due Process, under false Legal Presumptions, and under Color of Law. People are being deliberately misidentified and mis-characterized as franchisees of federal corporations. Trillions of dollars are being siphoned out of this country by foreign corporations every year, and we have discovered exactly how they are doing it. Ironically, though you actually still work for us, too many Sheriffs in this country have forgotten that fact and the local “County” corporations have misdirected them so that they are allowing themselves and their Offices and the Public Trust to be abused.

Many LEO’s have unwittingly or purposefully become accomplices to massive and coercive constructive commercial fraud against the people of this country. This is your Notice of the facts and also your Notice of Liability should you misidentify us as corporate government franchises, members of any religious cult, members of any Commonwealth, federal employees, or federal dependents. As a private security officer, a LEO, you are 100% commercially liable for any damage done to us under international law. You are also responsible for any trespass upon our private property, any presumption that our private property is public property, and any arrest of our persons under false legal presumptions.

Although you may choose whether or not you will enforce the Public Law owed to the people of this country, including the enforcement of our constitutional guarantees, we retain our identity as American State Citizens. This is your Notice of the Facts. As Americans we are assembling our States of the Union and preparing to hold our Public Elections for the first time in over a century. Those elected in our elections will be American Public Peacekeeping Officials — the job we thought we hired you to do, and they will be fully empowered and tasked to enforce the Public Law.

We expect you to respect the authority of the Public Officials thus elected and to work with them to ensure justice and peace for the people of this county. We invite you to join the discussion and wish you to know that we are peaceful non-combatant civilians, part of the political body of the Federation Compact States of the Union doing business as The United States of America since September 9, 1776. We have not been involved in any war since the close of hostilities in the War of 1812. We are being forced to organize and hold elections in light of continued misbehavior and malfeasance by federal officials and federal corporations and their employees in violation of their obligations to the people of this country. These offenses include impersonating us and practicing barratry against us, hypothecating debt against our assets without our knowing consent, trespass upon our private property, secretive and unlawful conversion of our Public Offices, semantic deceit, constructive fraud, infringement of our Unregistered Trademarks, and deliberate mis-characterization of our persons as Federal Citizens.

We have no obligation to act as Federal Citizens and have chosen not to accept any such obligations. All gift franchises operated in our NAMES have been returned to the Secretary of the Treasury and otherwise expatriated, re-flagged, and properly and permanently domiciled on the land and soil of our State. Any such gift franchises are under our private management and now stand under the Public Law of our State — not the statutory law of any Territorial State of State or Municipal STATE OF STATE organization. As such, they are outside your jurisdiction as a LEO and not subject to federal presumptions. As we are law-abiding and knowledgeable people this information should not be taken as any kind of threat to you or to your “County” corporation; rather, it is offered as necessary discussion and orientation so that you know what is going on and why.

We invite you to faithfully enforce the Public Law and the Constitutions and to use your discretion as a loyal American would; failing that, we invite you to observe the limitations of your private corporate office and post Notice of your liability and the liability of other “County” employees and hereby also issue Mandatory Notice as required by the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, to not trespass upon our persons and our private property. Please put us on your “Do Not Detain List” and please notify the DOD of their obligation to provide the correct ID to you and to us.