Dismissed, or VOID, you will be surprised by how simple.

Just remember, IF the Municipal corporation had any actual Law on IT’s side, it would not have to rely on hiring folks for the sole purpose of intimidating you, with FEAR.

I’ll get you past your fear of the Kangaroo court, and the intimidation that will be directed at you.

Like the bought and paid for oath breaker that falsely arrested you.
They assault you, in the hope that you will be afraid enough to just plead guilty, and pay.

The Kangaroo court relies on intimidating you. It covers the fact that they are well aware of, they don’t have a Lawful jurisdiction with regard to you. They suppose that your fear will cause you to give it up to them.

Never realizing or thinking about the fact that the corporation, pretending to be a government is not OVER you, and never has been. You are not a subject of their jurisdiction (District of Columbia), and NOT a “driver”, driving their car. And they have no evidence whatsoever, showing that you are. NONE (which is why they produce nothing).

These are just powerless employees of a corporation, trying to hustle money for the boss-man. The better you can see that, the easier for you to stay calm, and win. It’s just a masquerade.

You will understand the masquerade, and why they need it.

I will show you exactly why they want so much to intimidate you, and exactly how you will overcome it by knowing who you are, and being confident of it. Fear, is a powerless jailer.

You’ll be happy to know who you are. They will know too.

They’ll still get their paycheck, and you will know about your Immunity. At least you will be happy.

Kick your Traffic Ticket

Kick your Traffic Ticket


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