His Highness – Bill Lee – announces “Sovereign Immunity” during Chancery court proceedings. Corporate Judge Pam Fleenor is elected “president” of the Tennessee Judge club, apparently for recognizing his “Immunity”.

I believe this is wonderful news for all of the common folk of the Tennessee Republic.

Because it means that if the governor can just send an attorney to proclaim his Immunity, and have it. Then the door is kicked wide-open for the People (having inherited ALL of the power) of the Tennessee Republic to easily declare theirs via an affidavit Lawfully served on his highness.

Since every one here has been created equal, I’m sure that the governor wouldn’t try to de-fraud anyone by an attempt to re-butt such affidavit, with any claim that he is above every one else, Lawfully.

The rush for right, and reform should be on, as at least a few million Tennesseans rush their affidavits to the governors desk, and their Representatives in the General Assembly too, plus those Judges that are falling over themselves to welcome the re-establishment of Immunity to the Republic.

The affidavit of status, known as the Liberty Letter. Serve it with confidence.

Hell, by the time a few million of these affidavits are served, and un-rebutted, Tennessee could be right out front, and re-formed as a Republic again.

What a wonderful time to be alive in Tennessee, and willing to re-form a corporation masquerading as a government. Don’t forget to serve the Mayor, the Sheriff, and the Police Chief too.

Include a little note, asking if they would like to step out onto the “Trail of Tears” with you for a few stanzas of “Born Free” as you consider their resignation.

Liberty Letter Lite

Liberty Letter Lite


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