According to history, it was only 245 years ago when the People of America realized that they had been living under a constructive fraud. They decided to end it.

They did so with a common law affidavit called the Declaration of Independence. Of course they had also united with each other for the support of their Declaration, and you were to inherit all of the power and benefit of that action.

The benefit of that action is that you inherited Immunity from corporate government. Yours, is self-government, based on your determination.

Of course, some liberal/commie/fascists didn’t like that, and have worked long and hard to turn it back, flip it around, and/or otherwise destroy it. Erasing it from memory.

If you would like to put down, and end those efforts for yourself. You can decide to do so for yourself by serving an affidavit of your own today. To the entire bunch of those in and around government, seeking to impose the same constructive fraud upon you today.

The idea that they somehow have a right to govern you.

The very idea that America was born in defiance of 245 years ago. Do it today!

America is DEFIANCE to Tyrants!

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