That way, you save all of the costs of converting a design for utility, ….

To a design for your comfort in living.

Converting a utility design to a design for family living also presents opportunities for savings in costs that may be very subtle, until they are dropped into your account. Ready to possibly cover a good solar energy package.

At any rate, building a home with an R-42 thermal envelope, without paying the spray-foam guy, always returns value back to you.

If not having a 5k bill from a spray-foam insulation contractor, actually paid for a 5k (cost) solar-system to run the whole house, that is a 10k savings swing.
Just from switching your shed design to a building using structural insulated panels (SIP’s) instead of lumber, or block.

Then, building a shed into a home, following a design using Structural Insulated Panels, can enable you to trim 30% on labor costs.
For the win/win on being the owner/builder.