Your roads are paved with Freedom!

In the several Republic states of America, all lawful authority is inherent to the People. That is, the same People that created a separate jurisdiction for Congress, and the same People that have their own Legislature within their state for their own self-government. “We the People” created the federal jurisdiction to deal with foreign countries as a united body of Republic states, not to “rule” over the People, within their own states.

But, as peaceful People we risk forgetting that the cowardly/powerless folks that want to have power over People, are exactly the type to seek a job in Congress that pays them to rob/steal/lie/cheat the People out of everything they have, and everything they can earn.
For the People, vigilance is an absolute necessity, against the evil of government, outside of themselves.
Politicians, cannot be trusted.

Our own Lawful authority, with regard to ourselves may be the only thing we have, as America that politicians have not been able to steal from us. However, that has not prevented the theft by fraud, when needed for playing us like a .50 cent harmonica, at a Saturday hoe-down.

Registration is probably the best example of how we are conned for our own authority, so that lessor men may be enabled to “rule” over us, and our objections, as if we are merely their chattel property, subjects, or slaves. Registration is an insidious evil, that we facilitate by supplying our lawful authority for it. The fraud is, that we are told by all of society that there is a “Law” that we must “hear and obey”.

Commanding us that we must “register” (surrender) our private property to the state, and then get a license as a commercial driver to use it on our own Public-right-of-way, all on our own Lawful authority, since corporate government has none with regard to us, the People.

Of course, you are not ordered to register your car, and no law is ever produced saying that YOU must.

You are just coerced, threatened with violence IF you don’t register your property.

The plate that you are coerced to buy, serves as evidence that you are a mere “resident” of the state, a taxpayer, ward of Congress (by your own lawful authority), and identifies you to all police and corporate road pirates as easy prey. A sucker and chump, …..

happy to give up a few hundred dollars, and beg forgiveness, at the drop of the “official so-called government hat”. That official STATE tax receipt bolted on the back of your property, tells the federal revenue collector that you have laid down for the scam.

However, if you are not engaged in any commercial activity (meaning that you are not paid to drive or transport goods), you are free to use the public-right-of-way, by right. Pave your roads with proper and Lawful NOTICE of your right, and Immunity from government agencies, in your peaceful, harmless and Lawful activities.

America, … founded on the authority of the People, as a Free country!

Also, you are NOT “Driving”, and there is NO evidence (probable cause) that you are!
Mike the cop, what a bullshit artist, working the corporate government scam.

Put your lawful NOTICE of your Immunity to government TODAY.

  • Notify the governor
  • Notify those in the State Assembly
  • Notify the city and county Mayor
  • Notify the Sheriff
  • Notify the Chief of Police
  • Notify the state revenue commissioner
  • Notify the head of State Troopers

Notify your State Representatives

Notify the D.O.T./D.M.V.

Document the fact that you and your car (private mode of travel) are Immune to, and outside of D.O.T. statutes (since you are not a “driver” driving a “motor vehicle”) and accept their acquiescence and silence, as agreement.

Get two plates for the state of your choice.

Plates will be delivered by Priority Mail, shipping is included.

The Gadsden Flag was chosen for this new design not only because it was a favorite of our Revolution, but also because it is a symbol of the People’s Immunity to corporate (man made) government, and warns of danger to those that would desire to TRESPASS!

Also available are instructions for prosecuting the crime of false arrest/imprisonment to the full extent of the People’s Law.

Don’t be conned for your mobile property!
Own your car, as a Sui Juris (living by right) Living Soul!
The fictional corporate state, has “0” Lawful authority to make any determinations with regard to you!

Private Property Automobile Tag

Private Property Automobile Tag


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