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Traveling in Fear?

The very idea that you are under some lawful command to “register” your car to the corporate state, is totally VOID, by FRAUD.

He doesn’t look so menacing, in the Kangaroo court, without weapons in hand, and fumbling to remember his lines of perjury.

As he chucks both his oath to uphold the Constitution, and the one swearing to tell the truth, just two minutes ago.

Should we live in fear, of others that have absolute ZERO Lawful Authority over US?
Plus, defy our Lawful Constitutional limits on them!

Pave your roads with Freedom!

Driving is a commercial activity, and if you are not collecting a paycheck for “driving” you aren’t doing a commercial activity, PERIOD!  If you are not engaged in any commercial activity, you are free to travel on your public-right-of-way, by right.

No matter how many thugs the Municipal corporation hires to impose the edicts of Washington D.C. on YOU. A peaceful citizen of the Republic state.

Pave your road with proper and Lawful NOTICE of your right, and Immunity from government agencies, in your peaceful and Lawful activities.

Get the full package of lawful NOTICE of your Immunity to government TODAY.


Document the fact that neither you nor you car (private mode of travel) are “subject to” Federal D.O.T. statutes (since you are not a federal Person, a “driver” driving a “motor vehicle”) and accept their acquiescence and silence, as their agreement (anything else is fraud).

All affidavits, full instructions, and two plates for the state of your choice are included.  

Notify all so-called officials that YOU own your car. By sworn affidavit. They will not Re-but.

Notify the governor, the mayor, the police chief, State police Chief, the Sheriff, and all of the other revenue enforcers.

Private Property Automobile Tag

Private Property Automobile Tag


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Mark your automotive property as your Private Property, and remove it from corporate government as a vehicle to your dollars. The “Immunity” tag notifies everyone that YOU Lawfully own your car, and are to be “At Liberty” to use the Public-right-of-way in your peaceful and harmless activities of life.

This package includes everything you need to establish Lawfully, in Truth, that you are one of “the People“, and your car is your Private Property, exempt from regulation by the corporate state.

Buy TODAY! and receive as a FREE BONUS, 3′ X 5′ Gadsden Flag to also notify the corporate government employees “Don’t Tread on Me!”

Save 40 dollars, or earn $40.00 as an affiliate. Either way, you win!

Isn’t it a rather ridiculous idea (that we should live in fear), especially when we all live in a free Republic, based on the common Law?

Do no harm.

Is that not simple enough to comprehend? Isn’t that what the overwhelming majority of us do, everyday in our peaceful and harmless activities of life?

While the corporation that implies that it has a Lawful mandate to write and enforce “Bills of Attainder” against you and your entire family that are NOT “Drivers” or “in commerce”, NOT “subject to” that jurisdiction, writing “Bills of Attainder” against “persons”. Presumed to be “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”.

Presuming a fraud, does not make Law, as fraud = nothing. It is an empty noise.

Our country is founded upon “Do no harm”, that is the same Law that forbids government “Bills of Attainder”.

What is up with the Satanists, and various other evil-doers that just can’t figure that out, and put it above their blood-lust, and errant/evil quest for power over their neighbors, that they actually hold and maintain jobs that pay them for beating People into submission by doing violence and instilling fear.

What kind of lawless coward swears an oath to uphold the Constitution(s), and then throws it away to gain a paycheck? A bought-and-paid-for traitor to the People, whose rights have been established long antecedent to the fictional state.

There are several Laws that provide for the citizen to prosecute such trespasses. Such rightful prosecution will serve to eliminate this sort of crime from our lives.

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