False imprisonment is a huge offense due to the high regard the law has for liberty. In Chitty’s Practice of the Law it states:

The infraction of personal liberty has ever been regarded as one of the greatest injuries. The injuries to liberty are principally termed “false imprisonments, or malicious prosecutions.“

And, …. the cops/deputies/troopers in your town or county will happily do this crime against the People every day, … for a Paycheck!

They love to beat down the citizenry, and throw folks in the cage, for the money, and chance for advancement. Let their crimes pay you, instead of cost you.

Hamilton County Deputies roust Reginald Arrington before inviting 3 more to help in whipping his ass, with night sticks.

(1) Detention or restraint against one’s will; and

(2) The unlawfulness of such detention or restraint.

In his Treatise on the Law of Torts, Judge Cooley states:

“False imprisonment is a wrong akin to the wrongs of assault and battery, and consists in imposing, by force or threats, an unlawful restraint upon a man’s freedom of locomotion.”

Blackstone, in his Commentaries on the Law, (3 Bl. Comm. 127) states on this matter:

Every confinement of the person is an imprisonment, whether it be in a common prison, or in a private house, or in the stocks, or even by forcibly detaining one in the public streets.

What a simple and profitable business to start-up and run, supplying huge income and part-time hours. Being falsely arrested/imprisoned is one of the easiest things one of the People can do in America today!

The only thing the plaintiff needs to plead and to prove is one of two things, either:

(1) that the defendant made an arrest or imprisonment, or

(2) that the defendant affirmatively instigated, encouraged, incited, or caused the arrest or imprisonment. 4 When the plaintiff has shown that he was arrested, imprisoned or restrained of his liberty by the defendant, “the law presumes it to be unlawful.”

Thus it has been held that in false imprisonment suits the defendant, in order to escape liability, must either prove that he did not imprison the plaintiff or he must justify the imprisonment.

Stated another way, “the burden is upon the defendant to show that the arrest was by authority of law.”

Just establish who you are with every level of Constitutional government, – a Sui Juris (living, by right) citizen of the Republic state, then register your car Lawfully to yourself, tell the fraudulent state revenue collectors to shove their state tag (tax receipt), and put your notice of Lawful Immunity on your property.

You will likely be falsely arrested/imprisoned before you can say “Sovereign Immunity Act”.

What is referred to here as a state citizen is one of the People of the Republic state that have inherited ALL of the power. And having rights long antecedent to the formation of the state Republic. Those People who authored the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitutions.

Not commissioners, voted to a paycheck by mere "residents" for claiming to be to be a lawful authority of a Defacto corporation doing business for themselves by overthrowing the People of the Republic county.

You are very likely to be much more qualified to go into the Republic preservation business on your own Lawful authority than any so-called “commissioner” voted by mere residents, and having no delegation of authority at all, with regard to the People of the county.

What is even better than that, you were born with the right, and lawful authority to police the police of your state, county, city while the actual sheriff had to reduce him/herself to “resident” status to be voted to the paycheck by other “residents” having no Lawful authority as “citizens”. They are pretend officers hired by non-citizens, to beat-up and rob other residents.

Hell, you can set-up a bait car for under $500 dollars, with dashcams and audio recording to document the evidence of your false arrest/imprisonment, and with only 1 per week, you could be making 6 figures per month in settlements from rinky-dink Municipal corporations all over your state. The Sheriff sells that office for much less.

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