Betting on horse racing

Involves your ability to rate the thoroughbred’s ability to run TODAY’s distance, under TODAY’s conditions.

Form handicapping will never quite get you there, as you will be betting your money on the same perspective as all other bettors. 95% of those bettors are losers. That is why the industry sells you a “Form” in the first place. For winners, it is a Lone Wolf game, where you are playing against everyone else, and their wishes for you are that you lose, so that they can win!
That is all that they know.

Don’t believe that they will help you do anything else.

Also, it will behoove you to recognize that the race track sells you the information that you will be using to make betting decisions, and those people like to win the Pick – 5 just as much as anyone else. While they live at the race track, conducting a business that is highly profitable when they reasonably know the ability of the horse, and won’t tell anyone else.

Knowledge of the horses ability to run the distance and class level today is a tremendous advantage in winning at the betting game of horse racing. It is also devastating to the “form handicapper” that can only guess at ability with suppositions and mythology derived from last month’s past performance.

That’s great news for you, because you can make Ability-X Ratings for today’s races at any track, in about 15 minutes time. From that rating of ability, you will learn when to bet, and when to not bet, and you will win more often since you will also learn how horses run.

They run as they breathe, and the Ability-X Rating will tell you that time after time, race after race, year after year. While the form handicappers struggle to keep their Mojo in sync. They don’t get “run” and probably never will, being too busy with their “genius”, and tales of occasional winning, past. But, don’t worry about that, form handicappers are the losers that you will come to appreciate, as it seems they have sworn a solemn oath to never do anything different, or sensible when betting on a horse race.

Like “Bet on the ability, or don’t bet.”

I’m telling you this because I have published Ability-X Ratings for 14 years, and I will suspend publication as a daily, at the end of, 2021. It has been fun, and rewarding, I’ve accomplished everything that I wanted to. I created the first rating of ability for thoroughbred racers, and it is still going strong, just as true today as it was in 2007.

Ability-X Ratings has always been a strong indicator of the winner today, at all distances and class levels across N. American race tracks, and it will remain so for years to come. That is why I am doing this offer, so that you can enjoy it as much as I have, and as much as you can. I’ll still be following along with you, just not publishing the daily anymore.

Once you can make Ability-X Ratings for yourself, you will be able think about and visualize today’s race according to the ability of the horses running today, ….

along with the long established Par for distance, and early speed. Just like trainers do.

This is a huge advantage for all bettors. That can do it.

Form Handicappers, not so much. They think that the race track wants to give them winners, and would never treat them like suckers. They prefer to work with poor measurements of “speed” from the last century, and created by the race tracks to “sucker” them. More great news for you. Ability-X Ratings is a measurement of overall ability for today’s distance, not a guess at “speed”. The horse’s ability is the information that the race tracks hide from you, with intention of having it only for themselves, and their use in beating you at the betting window.

Using Ability-X Ratings is like Deja-Vue, all over again.

For that reason, Ability-X Ratings will serve you well in finding winners at all distances, all class levels, at all tracks across N. America.

Since you will be able to win from the privacy of your own home, you won’t have to worry about handicappers following you around, begging for your “picks”.
Bet when you want, on horses that you can see are “live”, spending about 15 minutes a day making your ratings for your profitable wagering.

No boss, no clocks, no explanations. Take a vacation anytime you want to, and still earn a living from anywhere, if, and when you want to.

I am releasing 100 copies of this version of “Winning a Living” for 2022. If you want to be serious about betting, more than a “fan” being suckered by 100 year old information, intended for losers …….

Order yours NOW!

Winning a Living, from home, with horse racing.

Winning a Living, from home, with horse racing.


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