Also known as – Intermodal Steel Building Units

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You might even be able to pay Bob Vila to stop in and shoot the breeze for an hour…. without breaking the budget. The huge costs just aren’t there.

The biggest reason for that is that “the big steel box” is already built, and it has already paid for itself by shipping cargo safely for 10-12 years, and there is such an abundance of them now, it has no value to send them back to where they came from. So it would seem only fitting that this particular import, combined with innovative reuse strategies like temporary fence covering, could lower housing costs by 30% all across the spectrum, from plain to fancy.

Here, rather then why? The more appropriate question is, why not?

Especially when you consider that each 320 sq.ft. of structure, could cost as little as $9.00 a sq, ft, and be done as soon as it is rolled off of the truck. The structure is already built. That is a real time and money saver.great-2-floors-of-shipping-container-home Putting a few together makes a lot of living space with the least expenditure of money.

Which can give you plenty to work with to make it your dream palace. The containers for sale at home might be the most scalable yet. It can grow while you do.

cedarfinish You can get pretty fancy too, while staying on a budget, shipping containers can be built into some very distinctive living units for as little as $65 – $80 dollars per sq. ft. in construction costs.

That is often under 70% of sales value. You have equity at move-in. That is value.