Always accept it cheerfully, never offer any back-sass, always thank the deputy/officer profusely for not killing you!

Never do or say anything that may cause any government employee to even think that you may be a “Sovereign citizen”, instead praise and worship them for sparing your life.

Your interactions with a government official may be difficult to survive should they decide that you are aligned with what they have determined to be a dangerous/radical/extreme/anti-government group that they call “Sovereign-citizens”.

This is the reason that “Crush Your Traffic Ticket” is introducing the latest affidavit that you can use to perhaps reason with these power-hungry, and blood-thirsty officials of the corporate government. It is the:

“Thank You, for Not Killing Me” affidavit.

That you can proudly serve on any and all of your corporate government officials for officially Cowtowing to the idea of their high authority over you, and, in their benevolence, allowing you, a mere People, to live.

They will probably cream in their jeans over your thoughtful recognition of their mighty status. And, likely masturbate frequently with that thought in their little minds. Surely, there couldn’t be room for much else.

Don’t be shy with it either, you don’t have to limit service to only the dog-catcher, and police. Run it on out there to the Sheriff, the Mayor, Governor, and all of the mightiest rulers of your corporate state, even his highness, the President, mighty ruler of ALL. They all like to suppose that they are “allowing” you to live. Don’t let them down. Thank them for not killing you!

Show your gratitude, with an “official” affidavit of “Thank You, for not Killing Me.
Thank You, for not Killing Me

Thank You, for not Killing Me


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