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Planning/Designing Your Shipping Container Home

  It is the largest factor in cost Build your new shipping container home, completely finished inside and out, at a cost of $95 per square foot, fully foam insulated, without leaving anything off. If you want a 320 Square

The greatest real estate investment #2

Still, your own home….    There may be several ways to get it built for 70%, or less, of value though. Several ways that make for great investment, and you get more home for less cost by simply looking beyond what

The greatest real estate investment….

Is in the building of the building…..  The greatest opportunity is to build-in the value, no matter what you are building out of. When the value is built-in as part of contruction, it comes pouring right out for the investor, during

Permitting for your shipping container home

Getting the permits for your container home, store, or commercial structure. The word is out,…. this is challenging and difficult in the United States. It is also the first thing to do, no matter what any structure will be built from.

Build your new home, with shipping containers

Also known as – Intermodal Steel Building Units   For a good reason, they are already built, and even if you want to pay a "makework" contractor to build them over again, the really hard part is spending a lot

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