Getting the permits for your container home, store, or commercial structure.

The word is out,…. this is challenging and difficult in the United States. It is also the first thing to do, no matter what any structure will be built from. Once you have the shipping_containers_yardproperty for your project, if you want to avoid the very high costs of conventional construction by using shipping containers as the structure, you should make sure the permit road is clear even before you finance or make the decisions on financing.

The reason for this is that only true shipping container construction will allow you to build as fine a structure as you can get, for 65% of value. Yes, that is not a typo, not even close. While conventional construction has maintained a value that average people simply can’t afford, only the retired shipping container offers a building unit that is:

  1. Structurally superior to most conventional construction.
  2. The shipping container is already built (only requiring assembly and modification).
  3. Does not require re-fit to fit into residential/commercial building codes.
  4. Does not require $5,000.00+ in engineering to be permitted.

Although, many building departments will tell you that they don’t fit the codes, and you must pay the expense to make them fit. This is simply not true.

The truth is that large corporate builders and mobile home manufacturers are unable to build or manufacture cost effectively anymore, and it is easiest for them to have government enforce their wasteful processes on you in order to protect them from the competition of local independent contractors. Your local independent contractors have been building for 65% of value for decades. Large corporations have squandered that efficiency with mis-management and make-work processes.

Just as they do today by wasting your money to fit the shipping container into the classification of a modular home, that they can’t build and deliver cost effectively, and there are many companies that promote these products, companies with bi folding doors and other great features, so the clients feel comfortable when visiting them.

960Maybe the most well known of these masters of waste, is the corporation that manufactures the container home at left, and offers to deliver it to your property in the U.S. IF you can handle the $170,000.00 price tag (my God! that’s $170+ per square foot – no appliances), and then talk a local contractor into building an un-needed foundation for it, and assembling it for you. 

After you have it built in China, paying more than double for that much (when the local contractor could build it on-site for you at less than half price), probably faster and better too.

No wonder the large corporation is down at the local building department begging them to make your life as miserable as possible for getting a permit.

Actually, you can save a ton of aggravation, and money here by using my permitting package to get your container home going. The big corporations hate it, but, the truth is that I can build a design offering more living space, a carport/garage, and a large (12′ X 16″) covered patio, that might even be “cooler” for 65% of the basic cost of this model.

That leaves 35% appreciation for you as soon as you walk in the door. That is what can be done with true shipping container construction, done by a local contractor, and everybody that needs your money for nothing really gets wound up to tell you that it can’t be done. But, YES…. it can.

Real cost is one of the biggest secrets of shipping container construction, because the costs are low, while the value is as high as anything else. That means that you will most likely want to move ahead with the project you have in mind. I want to help you do that, and I can do the building for you, at reasonable cost. I have 40 years of experience as a contractor, and I know that to have value when the job is done, you build with it from the start.

The permitting package I offer for your shipping container home might only cost 50% of what others charge, but, you will find it to be more valuable than any others. Because it not only clears the road to your new construction, it paves that road with value for YOU. Guaranteed!

It includes an on-site survey and cost figures for everything your lot will need, plus I custom design your home with you, and you get a full budget for costs. It also includes the engineering/plans, and I do the work of getting your permit for you.

Get all of the competitive local bids you would like, and/or do all of the work you would like to do with my help and advice.

I want you to save money.

Order your permit/design/plan package for any county/city in the 50 states, your cost is only $3,000, by check to:, or text image to cedarfinish678-371-5468 today.

Also, pay with PayPal, request an invoice via Email,

Just write your county/city on the memo line, and I will deliver your custom permit package by return mail, along with my best designs for your new shipping container home. Average turn around time for on-site construction is within 30 days.

Your purchase is guaranteed for 45 days.