Still, your own home…. shipping_containers_yard

There may be several ways to get it built for 70%, or less, of value though. Several ways that make for great investment, and you get more home for less cost by simply looking beyond what has always been, to see more of what the few are doing.

The fewer are spending less, getting more, and making solid investments in a more relaxed and rewarding lifestyle. One where you aren’t under the gun to make money that you’ve already spent, instead spending less of what you earn to enjoy life, and the time of your life even more.

It may seem unbelievable in an over-priced world where consumers pay over $100 per sq. ft., just for some decent living quarters……. but, more for less is available. Maybe just not widely advertised.

Structural Insulated Panels – reduce construction and living costs dramatically.

Say hello to the number 2 way to break from convention, and enjoy your life and times with another great real estate investment for anybody. You can also look into pre-built homes such as these new homes in Pooler, GA. Build your new home, without mortgaging your life too!