As if it is not enough that a city cop or county deputy is assaulting (by false arrest) you on the side of the Public-right-of-way, without any Lawful Probable cause or jurisdiction/authority.

The bad faith on the part of your local warlords (Municipal corporation) is fairly obvious, as the criminals have every faith that the People will never prosecute them.

Ridding your Republic city or county of this type of crime is an excellent reason. Especially, when your lawful and peaceful Republic has been over-run with a corporate “he said, she said” form of government for the profit of few, at the expense of the many People of the Republic.

Beside all of those obvious reasons there is one great reason that has a lot of appeal to People desiring to earn an honest living. That is, prosecuting these criminals, criminally, with a legitimate offer of multiple years in Prison.

Especially since these criminals expect that would never happen, no one would have the nerve to enforce and impose the Law, on them. That is why they promote the "Lie" of "qualified immunity", which is, "we cover each other's criminal asses, in all of our criminal activities (like false arrest/imprisonment, and outright theft of private property, lying, stealing, and cheating)".

They buy insurance too. What is the point of stealing millions per year from the populace, if you can't keep it? 
The crime that was committed against you, may offer a 10 year sentence, and Treason runs up to death. Since your local Municipal corporation is hip-high in, at least FRAUD, they are going to have some massive insurance to pay the damages, and keep them out of the slammer.

Take advantage, ..... they do!

The average false arrest/imprisonment on the side of the road should be worth at least $25,000 to settle with you, and your evidence of their crime, which the idiots will just hand you by the ton. That average false imprisonment will be about 20 minutes. That's plenty of time for you to earn a $25,000 settlement to stop your prosecution of false arrest/imprisonment!

Arrest you is the first thing the Revenue Officer does. Since he has no Lawful Probable cause (a crime) robbing you is next. They are so convinced they will “get away with it”, they imprison you with no evidence at all, giving you plenty of evidence for your false arrest/imprisonment prosecution.

In the example above, the traveler being assaulted with false arrest/imprisonment has signaled and authorized the criminal assault by affixing an official “STATE” Tag on their mobile property. Basically stating to any police, “assault me, rob me, I don’t mind”. I think that you own my mobile property, “so go ahead and abuse me in any way, I will comply. I am afraid of you.”

Cops have no lawful cause to imprison anyone, unless they have evidence that you did a crime! Without that, they are clowns in clown suits assaulting you! For the monetary gain of a Municipal corporation (city/town/county/state)

However, when you have your mobile property clearly marked, notifying any police, even the most stupid of “order followers”, will usually decide to stay away from you, and your mobile property. They might not comprehend that you, as a citizen of the Republic state, are immune from their corporate government jurisdiction. But, their boss men will explain it to them if you can manage to be falsely imprisoned, and charge them with the crime. Assault is still a crime, and when order followers are acting on orders of the boss men, the boss men get charged too. You will have already notified the entire county commission, or city counsel, of your immunity. If they have the hired the thugs, they can suffer for the crimes committed by them.

It is real simple, no state tag, no license, = no contract, no jurisdiction, freedom from false arrest/imprisonment.

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