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Horse Racing – Winning the Racing Game

For regular people, the "game" of horse racing is betting on horses. Winning is still the best reason for most people to play the horse racing game. Unfortunately, popular games (especially those that can also be profitable), quickly become businesses, and in the realm of horse racing, the business and corporate desire for profits, no More Info »

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Horse Racing – The graveyard of innovation

It has been true since the very first innovation – "Hey… let's organize" That was about 150 some years ago, and ever since, the innovations, as far as anything for the wagering public… have been few and far between.   How about equal quality of information?  

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Horse Racing Secrets of Ability-X Ratings I

I should start at the beginning – Ability-X Ratings – what's in the name? No, it's not X-rated,  Ability-X, that's the question of the day in regard to the horse race that is coming up in 25 minutes. For each contender…. what is the ability for this race? Not last month's race, not the race More Info »

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Yeah…. I wrote that too.

The Limits of Handicapping The nature of Past Performances   If progress is actually to be made, at some point, we've got to stop for a look around to see if we are getting anywhere. Every handicapper likes to feel that he/she is learning and that there are many things to learn. It often seems More Info »

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Pittsburg Phil – Ability Analyst

AKA George E. Smith, and also frequently referred to as the founding father of horse players, set himself apart from all others. He was wildly successful in the field of betting horses to the extent that he became a legend in his own time, and that legend still lives over 100 years after his death. More Info »

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