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Speed in the Race Horse


An in-depth look at airflow in horses!

Selecting RacehorsesSelecting Racehorses using the Airflow Factors

By Dr. W. Robert Cook · DVD · 90 minutes

Product #151D · $29.95

The difference between a champion and a claimer is often less than 5 percent in ability. Many times that 5 percent difference lies in the way a horse breathes while racing. Straight legs and good conformation aren't enough. A champion must have a low oxygen demand and a superior oxygen delivery system, or good airflow.

Dr. W. Robert Cook is the recognized authority on how horses breathe. He pioneered research into the connection between breathing and racing performance. Dr. Cook recently produced this video as a companion to his book, Specifications for Speed in the Racehorse: The Airflow Factors, which is now out of print.

In the DVD he thoroughly explains the airflow problem and demonstrates a new hi-tech device he has developed which instantly measures a horse’s exact airflow potential. Using this new technology, Dr. Cook has found that 93 percent of stakes winning racehorses have superior airflow.

For those who have already read Dr. Cook's book, his DVD will be a welcome addition. You will be able to see exactly how the problem affects horses and learn the techniques of detection.

For everyone wanting an understanding of how horses run, and breath, and how that affects the results you may be betting on, this DVD is a must have ….. its value is incalculable.

Price: $29.95
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