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Win the Pick 3 - 2015

Betting Horse Racing – Winning the Pick 3 Winning the Pick 3/4/ or 5 has never been easier to do,…. or learn… Especially now that "Winning the Pick3" with Ability-X Ratings is in the 8th successful year, bringing knowledge and meaningful data into your hand. Ability-X Ratings is the most predictive rating in horse racing. Know More Info »
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Studio 5.0 4G LTE

Introducing our first 4G LTE (1700/2600) smartphone, the Studio 5.0 LTE, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon™ processor. Press Release: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/blu-products GSM Arena Full Specifications: http://www.gsmarena.com/blu_studio_5_0_lte-6339.php YouTube First Look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiLrHN1bFGk   $169.00 + $6.50 USPS Priority Shipping var ANS_customer_id="3bae496e-9c4e-4222-ac40-377aa2c73b76";Online Payments
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State Publisher - Horse Racing Inform... Daily

The horse racing business is wide-open, and there are needs to be filled. Number one is for a nationwide 21st century past performance publication. One that busy people can get easily and use as it is, to make intelligent betting decisions. That publication is Horse Racing InForm... Daily, and YOU can be the publisher of More Info »
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Speed in the Race Horse

An in-depth look at airflow in horses! Selecting Racehorses using the Airflow Factors By Dr. W. Robert Cook · DVD · 90 minutes Product #151D · $29.95 The difference between a champion and a claimer is often less than 5 percent in ability. Many times that 5 percent difference lies in the way a horse More Info »
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Rolling-Syn $100 Share

Put horse racing's most predictive & informative measurement to work for YOU ...... This Weekend 6/26 - 6/28 for Santa Anita. With Rolling-Syn, the horse racing syndicate for winners. Get your share today, you play all weekend! Access Ability-X Ratings directly, Including the Rolling-Syn Contenders. Get FREE support and education on Facebook. Learn how to More Info »
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Professional HorsePlayer Education

Personal Training in Chattanooga, Tennessee   Gain the same advantage of being the racetrack Without any of the expense....... Professional HorsePlayers do much better then paid churners. Less bank and more profit. Less anxiety and more confidence. More freedom and privacy. You are in control. The opportunity is unlimited.
Price: $1,000.00
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Pay-Dirt Wireless - Dealer - Sell the advertising vehicle for advertising all business

Taking YOUR business..... mobile, and portable. The modern customer is on the move. The Smartphone is what really made that possible, now the same device enables you to be on the customer path with all the service that the customer needs. A brick and mortar location is just great for a store selling Smartphones, service, More Info »
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Learn to Bet and Win... on Horse Racing

AtHome HorsePlayer... "Winning on Purpose" and you can learn to make a living, from any racetrack! From home or wherever you are...  Bet when you have the edge, and when the odds are on your side... Win like a Breeder, Owner, Trainer, Jockey... without any of the expenses.... Without even having to show up ..... More Info »
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Horse Racing's Insiders Love Ability-X Ratings

Horse Racing’s Insiders Love Ability-X Ratings
Horse Racing’s Insiders Love Ability-X Ratings
As long as they have them...... and you don't.  Learn how to bet confidently..... on Ability. Never get sucked in on handicapping again Beat the race track influence on betting, and YOU... Beat the race track in betting "Winning Without Handicapping" Get everything the player needs.... PLUS - a 60 day Guarantee of Satisfaction In More Info »
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Horse Racing Needs YOU!

Be one of 38 State Publishers & Social Media / RaceTrack Stars Develop your market, InForm the public and earn 80% of sales. Be one of 38 state distributors of: Horse Racing InForm... Daily, the sheet dedicated to Player Development. The publication is available for ALL American TRACKS Ability-X Ratings, The rating that replaces the handicapping. More Info »
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Horse Racing Business Owner?

Then you should be running a Rolling-Syn. It's the betting syndicate format that will have all of your customers liking you everyday.   Rolling-Syn will make you the star with all of your customers and friends.       Having just 100 friends in your Rolling-Syn syndicate will bring you $500 a day in income, More Info »
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Horse Racing - Ability-X Ratings, past performances for winners......

Put horse racing's most predictive & informative measurement in your hand ...... Permanently, for... Every racing day. .......  ....... and WIN with them! Ability-X Ratings are everyday accurate... Triple Crown strong.   American Pharoah... is the first Triple Crown Winner in 37 years, and the Ability-X Ratings "Low" for those races. With Ability-X Ratings ..... Winning More Info »
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