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Hey….. Horse Racing…. a simple question

What would be so bad about a few more million people participating in your game? Really…. If the millions of people that used to play horse racing are at the lottery counter, just because they believe that game is easier, why not let them know how easy your game can be. If those millions of More Info »

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Horse Racing – Woe is to the form handicapper…

Not WHOA,… but it may as well be… Like Charlie Brown, and his field goal attempts, the form handicapper runs at it full steam….. seeming to never think for one minute. Of course, it doesn't help at all that Lucy, … after all of the nagging persuasion to get poor Charlie all wound up on More Info »

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Horse Racing – Winning the Racing Game

For regular people, the "game" of horse racing is betting on horses. Winning is still the best reason for most people to play the horse racing game. Unfortunately, popular games (especially those that can also be profitable), quickly become businesses, and in the realm of horse racing, the business and corporate desire for profits, no More Info »

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Finding Value on Kentucky Derby Trail

  Spring is nigh…. and the Kentucky Derby Trail is once again open. An ear to the ground in Louisville reveals hoofbeats approaching from all directions, in preparation for the "Run for the Roses". The yearly scramble for value is on, and it appears that in this area, Ability-X Ratings is emerging as being the More Info »

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Ability-X Ratings… Winning Without Handicapping

Ability-X Ratings… is Winning Without Handicapping….. making it… The Key to the Mint Ability-X Ratings is more than just another rating method of thoroughbred race horses. It is a breakthrough in making intelligent wagering decisions for the absolute beginner, and the seasoned horseplayer alike. The most prominent feature of Ability-X Ratings is that the handicapping More Info »

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