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Horse Racing – The graveyard of innovation

It has been true since the very first innovation – "Hey… let's organize" That was about 150 some years ago, and ever since, the innovations, as far as anything for the wagering public… have been few and far between.   How about equal quality of information?  

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Horse Racing – the impact of handicapping

It's just too funny to log onto Facebook to see a "Bigtime" member of the horse racing handicapping community grousing about TV marketing that treats the audience like suckers in commercials for any form of sports betting…… really? It's hilarious to think that this is a person recommending to you for years that you should More Info »

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Horse Racing – Understanding it

Well into the 21st century, horse racing is in deep decline as both a spectator sport, and as a gambling game that people enjoy playing. While there is a lot of speculation within the horse racing industry as to which happened first, I believe that the popularity of horse racing with average people lies in More Info »

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Breeders Cup 2013 – Know the Ability and Win!

It is that simple…. it is…. The biggest secret of the real Betologists In horse racing….. Know the ability…, and WIN. That knowledge is a solid granite foundation for the type of confident betting advantage…. few players possess. Those that do, are those that decided to overwhelm the type of insufficient self-image that leaves you More Info »

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NOT Handicapping the Breeders Cup 2012

     It seems that most players have been real busy handicapping the Breeders Cup all week long. Since it is Thursday….. and the races are actually getting close, I guess I'll have to do my usual tough hour of prep work too.      I'll have to get out the old files so that I can More Info »

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Horse racing…. a lottery players dream.

And, a handicapper's nightmare.   Too bad that the race tracks chased the lottery players off by forming Equibase, and insisting that everyone become a handicapper,…. and line up for overpriced, ineffective data. That does seem to be effective in distracting those players left to the point that they are not cognizant of the game that is More Info »

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