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Del Mar 7/20/2014 – 326/100 Wins $108.60

Del Mar 7/30/2015 – 326/100 Wins $9.20

The Same run wins, horse racing is Deja Vue all over again…… when you take out the speed/pace/variant




Jon Luman

September 11, 2014 · 

Hey….. Patrick Kane…. first off, let me thank you for spelling my name right over these many years. I recall that I was sending you ratings for multiple tracks back in 2011, for free, up until you sent me this list of demands at the end of one week, wherein you again communicate a mis-understanding of what Ability-X Ratings is.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe the 3 tracks I was sending you that week were AQU, HAW, and FG. Is that correct?

BTW…. Ability-X Ratings has never been a selection service, nor has it ever been about "picks". It is, and always has been a "form" of today's performance.

RE: Ability-X Pages 3/19/2011 & FG 3/18
patrick kane <pktruckdriver@msn.com> (Add as Preferred Sender) 
Date: Sat, Mar 19, 2011 11:41 am
To: Jon Horse player U <jon@horseplayeru.com>
Dear Jon

I see I am still on your email list, fine by me, but…let us be realistic please

1st you are still color coded in your presentation of each race, looks like Red and Orange , supposedly these 2 color's are your picks for the race, you mention Simple picks', then something about Pars, then some other type of pick too, I forgot , sorry

What I been asking of you for years now are your actual predictions before the race using your numbers, not just something color coded



Now if they happen to be the Red and Orange color horse's so be it, but why could you not do a week of card's at say GP or OP, or somewhere like that
and this way we know what your pick's are exactly as you actually name the 2 horses you pick, or just 1 horse if you feel 1 horse stands out

2nd This should be simple for you to do, as you know your numbers so well now, please prove it to me, and believe me I am not wagering on them but would like to see you in action before the races run, so say by noon each day.

3rd Now unless you have a better way of proving your picks to me, please tell me, I am listening, but…. no more simple picks , unless they have a name next to it as a pick to win, okay
thank you





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Jon Luman There could be something else too Patrick, here is Fair Grounds from 3/18/2011, another "Simple"/"Key" Pick 4 costing $32, and no thinking at all.
Didn't you tell me that very week that the "fellas" were going to work with you and get you winning? That was over 3 years ago Patrick. Why don't you try just looking out on the track for a couple of months?
Why don't you try thinking for yourself, the public won 83% of the races betting on the ML top 3. After 120 years of "form" handicapping that percentage is 70%, maybe for that whole time.
But go ahead, never apply yourself, never think about anything, just ask whoever is standing around what you should do. Lot's of people do it because it seems easier than making some effort.
Come around anytime, and tell everyone you can that I'm a liar and a flim flam guy. Tell them Rich Nilsen says that my ratings are no good and useless too. They'll be impressed.

Jon Luman's photo.

September 12, 2014 at 10:29pm · Like

Rich Nilsen Jon, I don't know if your ratings are any good or not because I never could figure out how to use them, and you didn't explain how to use them… I'm sure Chuck would have been able to.

September 13, 2014 at 9:35am · Like

Jon Luman Then perhaps you shouldn't be offering to the public that you reviewed them to find that they are useless, garbage. I believe those to be the words. It may be more accurate to report as you just have.
My simple question to you is this, are you as a publisher, interested enough in player development to do any of it?
Also, as you stand here in 2014, telling me about what Chuck Berndt would have been able to do, keep in mind that the only man in America to conduct Live seminars at a N. American racetrack, attracting over 1000 people daily…. did that for a couple of years. For 19 more years, that crowd may have been only 100 per year, that paid $395 for 24 hours of "class".
Most of those people got a method that worked quite well for the winter meeting of the NY circuit, which takes place yearly in S. Fl.
For anyone that noticed (at least few) that it all fell apart when NY went home in the spring. They were on their own to discover why. You could come back and sit in on next year's seminar, and Chuck Berndt would stay there all night to show you how to make a line, and why to do it. But, there were several details that were yours to discover.
I understand now….. there were good reasons for that, at the time. None of those good reasons exist today, as the game dies, it has become the robust game that average people wish they could understand just well enough to know why they would want to engage in it.
Also – "the handicapping is already done" is not my motto, it is Chuck Berndt's. Like everything he would ever tell anyone, the intention was always that you think about it, in order to completely understand.
That is what belongs to all of us, and it is ours to do, no one can do it for us anyway.
You will have to understand that much, in order to learn more, I won't apologize for it, or my belief in it. Chuck Berndt understood this at an early age. It took me a lot longer.
It will only matter, IF it is taken forward. If you want to do any of that, I'm standing right here.

Jon Luman's photo.

September 13, 2014 at 11:02am · Like

Jon Luman Hey…. don't go away mad Patrick Kane, you can see how AP got me twice today. You might see some familiar numbers too.

Jon Luman's photo.

September 13, 2014 at 9:07pm · Like

Jon Luman

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