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Horse racing is opportunity UN-limited for bettors…

if those bettors have any reasonable measure for the ability of the horse.

The horse's ability to run around the race track today. You would think that form handicappers would be most familiar with it, but, results of horse races suggest they have no clue. Apparently, thanks to the typical blowhard, racetrack lackeys, like Derek Simon.111_3rdcd

Supposedly, Derek is some sort of researching data-base diver, working for the racetrack, and looking for consistencies in thoroughbred handicapping in order to help others in their betting.

Although he claims to be looking for consistencies, it appears that he is able to miss them year after year as they continue to be presented on a daily basis, to everyone. I like to think that no one could be this incompetent, since his job seems to be to help bettors understand how they might play the game of horse racing, well enough to enjoy it as a spectator sport.

But, ….. on closer inspection, it appears that while Derek has been parroting the same old methods and antiquated beliefs of the last 50 years, what was once the #1 spectator sport in America has become a very small and self-centered minor sport that is all about the money for race-tracks and owners.

Which is great… because that creates huge opportunity for regular people in playing this game.



Because no matter how much Derek Simon and his band of self-agrandizing blowhards work to persuade you otherwise, there is the fact of horse racing right there for anyone to see ALL DAY LONG.

A full 33% of horse race winners win at longer odds than the favorites of form handicapping.

All of the form handicapping methods, systems, and/or various criteria for selecting a horse to bet have failed to reduce this percentage for as long as there has been a form.

The reason for this is quite simple. The various "forms" and past performance formats available to the bettor, do not include any reasonable measure of the horse's ability for the race today. With the staggering majority of horse racing's bettors relying on incomplete information, or self-interested touts like Derek Simon, a huge opportunity exists for anyone willing to learn how horse racing really works, and how to take advantage of it, as a casual bettor.

5.0LTE_equalBetting on horse racing, just for the monetary reward, is wide open to you. Past performance "form" handicappers are like money in your bank account because they have no reasonable measure of the horse's ability for the race today. Every AtHome HorsePlayer has that in the palm of their hand.





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