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Horse Racing – Why do you think the public is gone?

Looks like I offended one of horse racing's popular pitchmen today…..


I suppose that I shouldn't pick on them, but frankly, I get worn out on the "I picked the 2 – 1 winner, that proves I'm a genius", spiel. It looks like the public at large has been fairly worn out on it too. The best gambling game in the world has fewer players every day. Not more… fewer. My speculation is that the other side of the "I'm a genius" spiel has quite a bit to do with it. The other side?

You must be a dumb-ass.

Frankly, I've been offended by the message for decades, I also believe that the empty grandstands and closed horse tracks of the last 20 years are testament to the fact that I am not alone.

The funny thing about it is that most of the excuses for losing actually got a great start in the late 70's and early 80's, I've called it excuse handicapping since about 1980, seems like it all started about the time that Beyer Speed Ratings became the rage. The thing about losing with the BSR's became that the consolation prize was that you actually won, you just figured the variant wrong, or didn't pick-up on the "Track-bias" in time.

That lead to trip handicapping, you didn't bet a loser, you just got blocked in. Today, there is a littany of excuses for the modern genius to grab a hold of. Speed, trip, pace…. the horse didn't "like" the grass. There is no end to it. No genius likes to admit that they could learn a few things simply by engaging in the game… without the BS.

It doesn't take a genius to notice a great looking horse that feels like running today, back in the old days the TV people might even drop a clue to help the folks at home, instead of touting so that they could claim genius.

Back in the old days, you could make your own betting decision, even the public handicappers of the time understood that they were losing 7 races a day, no point in claiming genius, or hiding good info from regular folks. Horse racing was well attended too.

Check out this CBS telecast from 1981, people sitting at home could pick a winner, all the important info was laid right in front of them. Wouldn't it be nice if that were still possible?


Of course, it still is, only much more so…. just don't expect to hear about it from the official pitchman genius. They hate it when YOU win… at higher odds….. and without excuses, or apologies.

Why? …. Because, for them it is bad enough that daily results show that they either don't know what the game is about, or they don't want you to know what the game is about.

The "game" of horse racing is to get your "able to win today" horse into a race where form handicappers have no clue that your horse is "able to win today". Betting your horse to win, and collecting on that bet at 10-1 or better odds. That is what the game of horse racing is about for regular people.

This scenario has played out for as long as anyone can remember, and for maybe 100 years before that, right up to the 2016 Travers stakes yesterday.


Here is what the USRacing tout had to say about the chances of the 2016 Travers winner

"Arrogate, who has never run in a stakes race of any kind and who won an allowance race last time out against only two other horses, simply isn't ready for these."

If you can understand that this fella is simply trying to steer you in your betting decision, you are understanding the game being played, and that it is played on you, the game is to get you to bet the 50% of favorites and short odds winners, so that they have less competition in betting the other 50% of longer odds winners.

The basic method of doing that is to supply you with less meaningful information like form, and speed ratings, angles, and excuse handicapping, while they have a much better measure of the horses ability for today's race.

The proof hits the board daily at race tracks across N. America. No other betting game offers you what horse racing does.

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