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Horse Racing’s worst message – You Can’t Win

It is also obvious, this message only comes from your opponent.

You hear it a lot, because the hope is that you will quit. I first heard it in the Calder Race Course grandstand, enough people believed over the years to where there is no more Calder Race Course. I also heard "you can't win" frequently at Hialeah Park, and the Gulfstream Park grandstand, which has been gone for years.

Looks like plenty of people believe that they can't win at horse racing, and that's too bad, for everyone that lives inside of horse racing, that knows you can win. They will show you how everyday.

As long as you are not distracted by a puffed-up, self-agrandizing tout, that can only win by having others lose.

These are the people that are usually emitting horse racing's most destructive, and false message. The ones that claim genius for betting the ML second choice, when it won anyway, and insist that you aren't smart enough to do that.

If you can shut them, and their poor message out completely, horse racing is a wide open world of opportunity for anyone and everyone smart enough to bet on ability and effort, not the tout that isn't smart enough to bet on you.


Millions of people have walked away from horse racing in the past 30 years, none of them really caring about how smart anyone is. Especially those withholding as much information about horse racing as possible, so that they could look smart, in betting at 3-5. While the truth is that anyone with a decent rating of ability can win at this game, and that is what makes it the best game you CAN play.


The greatest thing about horse racing is that you can learn how to bet horses that the puffed up geniuses couldn't see with an electron microscope….. without making a bet or losing a dime.

Once you have learned about the game that way, you will know when the "Simplest" thing to do is bet the highest early speed horse that CAN take that run all the way for the whole distance (AKA Ability-X Ratings "Simple" pick), and you know everything you need to know to master this game.



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