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Hey….. Horse Racing…. a simple question

What would be so bad about a few more million people participating in your game?

Really…. If the millions of people that used to play horse racing are at the lottery counter, just because they believe that game is easier, why not let them know how easy your game can be. If those millions of people are not playing your game, because they see the information format as complex, difficult to understand, and not effective for them….

Why not supply them with a simple format that anyone can understand and use, quickly, efficiently, and effectively for them.

AAADerby572016_chartWhy not do some of the work for them? Regular people are busy working all week.

Why not just tell them what kind of ability usually wins the race.

Why not give them a past performance format that is based on the ability of the horses, for today's race, that costs virtually nothing to produce and distribute, for a price of pocket change.

Why not let them know that many of horse racing's winners are not theoratical physicists and they don't have to be either. There are many ways that anyone can win at horse racing.

Why not put that fact out on the front page for awhile? Along with that one showing that the winning percentage for longer-odds winners is very similar to the winning percentage for post-time favorites.

Why not promote all of horse racing? Millions of people might be thrilled to be able to play the longer-odds end of the Morning Line. A few million more, might love to be able to play the entire Morning-Line, intelligently, from home.

Why not show some of them how that is entirely possible here in the 21st century.

5.0LTE_equalWho knows, it might operate to form a line at the turnstiles again.

What would be so bad about a few million regular people thinking that they are smart enough to draw a red circle around 8 early speed ratings, that can include the 5 horses to finish the Kentucky Derby, in front.

What would be so bad about maybe a couple of hundred thousand of them betting the two horses showing Par (average) early speed for the winner. Then the lower of ability ratings for the 2 early speed marks below that.

Could there be a simpler way to pick the Kentucky Derby winners than that? Does it really need to be more complicated?

$2 EXACTA 13-11 $30.60
$0.50 TRIFECTA 13-11-5 $43.35
$1 SUPERFECTA 13-11-5-14 $542.10
$0 HI-5 13-11-5-14-2 $5794.50

The millions of people at the lottery counter may have no idea how easy it could be to play horse racing.

Where for $2, a Thoroughbred will "bring" a best run for the money every time.

Why not?


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