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Horse Racing – Woe is to the form handicapper…

Not WHOA,… but it may as well be…

Like Charlie Brown, and his field goal attempts, the form handicapper runs at it full steam….. seeming to never think for one minute.

Of course, it doesn't help at all that Lucy, … after all of the nagging persuasion to get poor Charlie all wound up on the kick, swiftly pulls the ball aside to deny any possibility for Charlie to succeed. It's all in good fun though, and it seems that Charlie would never think to get some other holder, so on it goes year after year, after decade, and generation…. never thinking.

Horse racing appears very similar, as it continues to only put in front of it's customer base the same old information format supposedly invented by the most legendary winner ever documented by the newspapers of the land.

At least, that's the lore and the legend as handed out, since 1894 (not a typo) much like today's "Free Picks" available on Facebook from every Tom, Dick, and Harry that can stir a Morning Line, anchored in the criteria of "form handicapping".

The problem for regular folks, (the un-washed masses that don't know how much oats is a quart, whose $2 is very much needed by the geniuses that do) is that while the Morning Line top 3 will predictably win two-thirds of the races, they'd still like to have a shot at predicting and betting that longshot winner that shows up generally, 3 times a day.


Easily defeating the Morning Line betting favorite, while being bet down itself from a Morning Line of 30-1 to 15-1 Post-time.

Maybe as the stands grow more and more empty, it is time to tell the regular folks, that this is part of the game, and the reasons. Instead of just laughing at the regular folks, because they don't know, or care, how much oats is a quart.

Sometimes, it almost seems like the race track doesn't want regular KEE_42116FavoriteCoachChart

folks hanging around…. noticing bet-downs …….. thinking…….

Because if anyone were to step back from all of the mis-direction issued by the race track, and the media folks hired to issue mis-guidance…

They might notice that the longshots seem to be winning on purpose too. Actually the longer-odds horse wins with the same frequency as the post-time favorite.

About 33%. Can you get in on some of that steady action?

Of course, just think about what is actually happening, not about what the race track and it's employees are telling you that is happening.

Get a rating of the horse's ability for TODAY'S race, not a measurement of last month's race. Watch the races intently, from gate to wire, check the results…. 1st,2nd,3rd, and 4th against those ratings to learn what wins what distance, at what class level.

Watch more races, and repeat this process over and over and over, never betting a dime. (would you invest your time to learn a high paying profession?)

Do that until you just can't not bet. That is the learning curve for a horse player. Betting when you do have an edge, is the only edge a horse player needs. That edge will win, on purpose , for you.


The ability of the horse for today's race, always shows up.

Expect it, with Ability-X Ratings, the only rating of ability for today's race, not last month's.


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Horse Racing – Woe is to the form handicapper…

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