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Horse Racing – The easiest game on the planet.

Play it, prone on your couch, or kicked back in the easy chair.

The hard part is well in the past, you had to get thee to a race track. Today, you can have any racetrack in your living room, or on any porch, under any shade tree that you can round up.

Easy, simple, small or no real effort required…… if you are concious, you can play the game of horse racing. It is absolutely a mystery to me, why race tracks pay people to tell you how hard it is. Especially when the daily evidence clearly opposes that notion.

One idea that makes sense is that the racetrack wants to distract you with a dog and pony show, I keep forgetting how self – interested the racetrack seems these days. With all of the over-blown pre-race hype for the Kentucky Derby going on.

As a matter of fact, considering all of the over-blown hype that is injected at least into social-media by every racetrack connected keyboard banger in the blogosphere it is amazing that none of this effort succeeds in selling a game that is easier to play, compared to the average state lottery.

With the state lottery, you have to go to the gas station in order to play. Plus you have to bet and hope to win, while your chances of winning are practically non-existent. Horse racing in comparison, has a hugely attractive sales feature that continually goes un-mentioned.

KEE_5th4202016When there is an able long-shot in the race, anyone even in a semi-concious state, prone on their couch, with only one eye open, can see a 30-1 Morning Line entrant bet down to 15 – 1. Anyone…..

Anyone can simply bet that horse… anyone, from anywhere.

Sharp bettors might think about betting the Pick 3 or 4 around it (great to start off with a 30-1 horse), or Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta. But, even the total beginner can spot it, and decide to bet $2 on it. It's easy.

However, if you are a beginner at betting horse racing, be prepared, only the very fewest in horse racing actually know enough about betting on it to actually point you to something worthwhile, and they believe that your highest value to them is as a loser.

They believe that your ability to win detracts from their winnings somehow, or, that it is necessary to beat you in order to win. Mis-information is the usual method chosen to beat you. Follow and trust your own senses most.

The truth is always right there to see.


Form handicappers just don't know, and "form" isn't teaching them anything new. Ability-X Ratings can teach you all that you want to know about betting on horse racing. The proof of that hits the wire first,…. every day.


State Publisher - Horse Racing Inform... Daily


The horse racing business is wide-open, and there are needs to be filled.

Number one is for a nationwide 21st century past performance publication.

One that busy people can get easily and use as it is, to make intelligent betting decisions.

That publication is Horse Racing InForm… Daily, and YOU can be the publisher of it in any of the 38 North American horse racing jurisdictions you choose. 38 state publishers will grow a national audience very quickly using Social Media.

All sales come to you, and you keep 80% of them. As a state publisher in this network, you own 2% of it also. 


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