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Horse Racing – Winning the Racing Game

For regular people, the "game" of horse racing is betting on horses.

Winning is still the best reason for most people to play the horse racing game.

Unfortunately, popular games (especially those that can also be profitable), quickly become businesses, and in the realm of horse racing, the business and corporate desire for profits, no matter the cost, has driven regular people away from the game. Even though horse racing remains as the best game for regular people to play, with the potential for winning.

As I understand it, horse racing has been popular with regular people for thousands of years, attracting and entertaining regular people for all of that time. Yet, even with all of that past history in favor of horse racing, a handful of modern executives have reduced horse racing to the minimum in North America simply by domination and control of the information that regular people might use to make a betting decision on a horse race.

Information that may be useful to regular people for those purposes is not even offered by the industry, nor does the industry compete with other forms of gaming for the gaming dollar.

It seems satisfied with the "take" from customers already in the fold. Quite an odd posture, when the number of empty seats grows weekly, or weakly, however you may want to look at it. Also, since the percentages are still 95% losers, 5% winners, what happens when all of horse racing's losers switch to a different game?

Everyone doing business attached to, or dependent on horse racing might want to take notice, and think about the dissuasion that is sent out to the general public on a daily basis, and think about advertising a more positive message. Even if the race track executives don't like the idea of some un-trained bettor wandering in and hollering out the numbers as if ordering soup in a New York Deli, that do win the Pick 3, featuring the 30-1 winner.

It could do wonders for growing a crowd that is otherwise resigned to throwing their money away on lotteries, just to play a game in un-steered fashion. With the type of exclamations made by the track announcer, after Weep No More puts the nose on the wire (usually the part that most people like), it is no wonder that horse racing exists in 2016, much like the roadside tourist trap of the 1960's. Where the same dusty old pecan log has been offered to millions since 1936, for the same 49¢.

The results of the recent Ashland Stakes above demonstrates several things. The one that the industry promotes most, "we know more about winning this game than you do, and we like keeping it that way."

Also, the truth that gets the least advertising exposure, "anyone can win at this game, the odds are on your side when you have a reasonable measure of the horses ability".

Would you advertise that message, and horse racing,  all over your state in order to advertise your horse racing related business without cost?


The horse racing business is wide-open, and there are needs to be filled.

Number one is for a nationwide 21st century past performance publication.

One that busy people can get easily and use as it is, to make intelligent betting decisions.

That publication is Horse Racing InForm… Daily, and YOU can be the publisher of it in any of the 38 North American horse racing jurisdictions you choose. 38 state publishers will grow a national audience very quickly using Social Media.

All sales come to you, and you keep 80% of them. As a state publisher in this network, you own 2% of it also. 


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