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Horse Racing – Beating the track game

Dammit….. track is supposed to be crossed out, like this

The title should read , Beating the track game …. dammit!!!!

1978JCGCHopefully, you get the idea, and I'll see if I can flesh it out a little better too. As you might know already, I follow horse racing pretty closely. As horse racing's #1 analyst, and developer of the 21st century past performance format, I have a lot of time to follow what is written about horse racing also.

In the old days, I would usually have to spend the entire 25 minutes up to post time on making a betting decision and had little time to know what was being written about the game of winning at the horse track. These days, logging in to the betting account at 5 minutes to post, and Ability-X Ratings within eyes reach, I've got plenty of time to read whatever is plastered all over Facebook from horse racing blogs.

Here lately, I've been seeing a lot on "beating the game". At first glance, I wonder what happened to "beating the track"? Sure….. the change of words is a subtle detail, paying attention to subtle details is how you can understand things, better than the competition.

If understanding is half of the battle with the competition, influencing the competition is the other half. The two halves make a whole very important to beating the "game" of horse racing. Because the "game" of horse racing is messing with your head, in order to beat you at the betting window.

Run the media spiel through that filter, and you can better focus on the task at hand, which is not getting beat.

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