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A job in horse racing media?

Hire yourself, and publish your mind.

You will have thousands of followers, they will even reward you for actually publishing information about horse racing that they can understand and use.

Don't worry, I've done the ground work for you, and I've already made the big mistakes in finding potential customers, and advertising.

One thing is for sure, a network of several people has huge advertising value on social media.

The other thing? It has always been outsiders that created public interest in horse racing. How about you?

State Publisher - Horse Racing Inform... Daily


The horse racing business is wide-open, and there are needs to be filled.

Number one is for a nationwide 21st century past performance publication.

One that busy people can get easily and use as it is, to make intelligent betting decisions.

That publication is Horse Racing InForm… Daily, and YOU can be the publisher of it in any of the 38 North American horse racing jurisdictions you choose. 38 state publishers will grow a national audience very quickly using Social Media.

All sales come to you, and you keep 80% of them. As a state publisher in this network, you own 2% of it also. 


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