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Horse Racing – Looks like the pictures tell the story.

Looks like in Japan, horse racing is conducted for one reason…..


As reported by Ryan Goldberg
The sheer amount of money wagered on Japanese racing is so great that maintaining a clean sport is as much a commercial consideration as an ethical one. In 2013, the JRA put on 288 race days. The betting turnover on all Japanese racing, most of it handled by the JRA, was about $30 billion last year. That's roughly triple the amount wagered on American races, despite American tracks running three times as many races and the U.S. having three times the population of Japan. Even though racing's popularity has declined slightly since 2000 in Japan, the country is still mad about it: about 21 percent of all bets around the globe are taken here.

In North America, the reason must be a bit different…….



I'm sure there must be a lot more to it, but it looks like if there is something at the horse race track for people, they will come around for it.

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