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Horse Racing – The graveyard of innovation

It has been true since the very first innovation – "Hey… let's organize" That was about 150 some years ago, and ever since, the innovations, as far as anything for the wagering public… have been few and far between.   How about equal quality of information?  

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Horse Racing Seeks Innovation

How about sharing the best game in town with the general public? Maybe a million or 2 lottery victims would come back to the game where regular people have a shot (provided they could get some meaningful information to work with). InForming them…. that would be quite the innovation. I doubt it has ever really been tried. More Info »

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Horse Racing – the impact of handicapping

It's just too funny to log onto Facebook to see a "Bigtime" member of the horse racing handicapping community grousing about TV marketing that treats the audience like suckers in commercials for any form of sports betting…… really? It's hilarious to think that this is a person recommending to you for years that you should More Info »

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