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Analyst Vs. Handicapper III

Which is the better bettor?

This one easily goes to the analyst, and the reasons are many, but, it may be that there is one or two significant and obvious reasons that tell the tale of why and how. Of course, several of the most obvious attributes of the analyst go completely un-noticed in the limited scope of the handicapper.

In betting on horses, most handicappers are fairly handicapped.5.0Phil

While most handicappers will insist that there is no difference between these two completely separate disciplines, that insistance in itself reveals what may be the biggest, or most primary difference.

Most handicappers are too busy re-handicapping, or trying to interpret "form", that they rarely see anything else. Where all of the analyst's operation is devoted to seeing as much information as possible for today's race, and knowing how to interpret it. An analyst arrives at this point by constantly observing and learning what factors really create the results.

This is how the analyst acquires knowledge. Extensive knowledge, from experience.

All form handicappers work with the very same limited knowledge. They accept only what another handicapper claims to have discovered, and when there is a result that can't be explained within the limited scope of form handicapping, they shrug their shoulders and assign it to drugs, or some other type of cheating on the part of horsemen.

"Trip" and track propulsion have been popular poppycock from the various Gurus of horse racing mythology.

Buying in prevents the player from coming to an understanding, that the handicapping is already done, and if he or she is fooled by a horseman, it is far more likely that the horseman is a good analyst taking advantage of a poorly educated player, that believes he or she has knowledge of the game of horse racing. When the reality is that the handicapper works without knowledge of the one thing that a horseman, and the race track, must learn the most about.

The ability of the horse to run a distance of ground.

This is the entire game of horse racing. It is the essence, and the entire point for all involved. Yes, even the players. Whether they are the most casual of part-time fans… or the most serious of wagering devotees… the ability, is what everyone is trying to get to.

Of the three core groups involved in horse racing, race tracks, horsemen/women, and the player. It is the handicapping player that understands the least about the ability of the race horse. And that is why horse racing is in decline.

Horse racing is the healthiest when there is an abundance of players, and there is an abundance of players when all players have a reasonable chance to win.

All players have a chance to win when the format of the form they use to make a betting decision reflects the actual ability of the horse to run the distance of today's race. A format that reflects what is…. instead of what was.

That format, will enable any player to learn as much about horse racing, and betting on horses…. as they have desire to know. That format is Ability-X Ratings.

Get you some… because…. Knowledge is Power!

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