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Horse Racing Secrets

Hidden in plain view. The subtleties of horse racing, easily missed when you are busy trying to figure everything out. Too busy to give some consideration to the subtleties. Or, when you are constantly barraged with the idea that everything is constantly changing, like your direction on a tilt-a-whirl ride. It becomes easy to lose More Info »

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Horse Racing Doesn’t Figure…

In Any Way That You Would Figure It Unless you go ahead and figure that it's not going to figure. And… there is more than one good reason to figure it that way. Which reminds me of a story about what does and does not figure at the race track. It was 1981, and I More Info »

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Horse Racing – What if….

What if you actually could win at horse racing… That would be some news that you could use. Of course, it probably would be completely opposite of everything you have ever heard about the game of horse racing. Seems like all that is ever heard from the horse racing media, and the various "experts" of More Info »

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Secrets of horse racing

For today's race, the only thing of value in the horses record, is its ability. Too bad that they can't just put it out there where a player could see it. Can't have that, it could create a situation where there are too many winners running around. Next thing you know, people would be going More Info »

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