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Rolling Syn is "How to Win"

I just can't think of a simpler way to put it. Maybe there is a secret to winning at horse racing after all… bet more horses. It has been right there the whole time, Pittsburgh Phill used the strategy in the late 1800's. He earned a modern day equivilent of 84 million dollars in his day. He also said that his was an aquired skill, not a talent that he was born with.

Pretty good thinking for the kid that quit the cork factory, as soon as he had $5,000 stashed under the mattress. George Smith was his real name, and to protect his aquired skill of winning at horse racing, he led a fairly secretive life, as far as his betting methods were concerned. No problem for race tracks though, they hired Pinkerton detectives to follow him around, and study his ways.

While many believe that George Smith died with his greatest betting secret in hand, and others believe that his invention of results charts was his great asset,


I believe that his grasp of common sense is what propelled his success. Pittsburgh Phil had many reasons to bet more than just one horse in any given race, it appears that winning was the best one.



Horse racing is one gambling game that offers odds. Bet more money, or bet more horses, the odds will always work in your favor. It seems the best secrets are always right in front of you.


To demonstrate that concept, I offer the Rolling-Syn results from 7/18/2012. They show that it isn't the game of horse racing that is up and down, or in and out, it is the perceptions of the bettors that is. Horse racing is itself very consistent, and that seems another well kept secret.




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  1. I'm unable to  to purchase the Rolling Syn share. In shipping info, it asks for US/Canada address.
    Should I be punished because I reside outside these two countries?

  2. You can ignore that Santosh, that is only for items that will be shipped through mail or UPS. All transactions with "Rolling Syn" are made securely through PayPal, including shareholder payouts.

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